Heel Tread #3 Socks
Heel Tread #3 Socks
Heel Tread #3 Socks

Heel Tread #3 Socks

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NASCAR, because most other sports require only one ball.

Although deeply rooted in American culture and well known around the globe, stock car racing started as something much less mainstream. Today we know racing legends like Richard Petty, Darrel Waltrip, Dale Earnhardt or Jimmy Johnson, but go back just a few generations and you'll find a very different crowd of outlaw bootleggers that souped up their cars in order to escape the police and deliver their moonshine alcohol cargo during the Prohibition era.

With the end of Prohibition, the bootleggers had more time to race each other and the weekend racing became increasingly popular with its main heroes competing for pride and glory - and probably a fair bit of cash from the gambling action as well.

Despite the initial disdain from the motor sport community for its humble and criminal origins, slowly but surely these popular races evolved to the huge sport that we today know as NASCAR, a competition that would become America's most-watched and biggest sporting event, known for its incredible fan loyalty, while somehow retaining an outlaw moonshine flavor from its origins, a crystallized attitude of illicit rebellion of the average Joe against the powers that be.

Here are the first four - of hopefully many more - of what we think are some of the coolest and best looking paint jobs of the sport's history.

Gentlemen, start your engines!

80% Combed Cotton, 17% Polyamide, 3% Elastane.
We use seamless knitting to create a sock with no stitches.

Wash inside out (40ºC/100ºF max). Do not tumble dry, iron, bleach or dry clean.

Hand made in Portugal.