Heel Tread J191 Socks
Heel Tread J191 Socks
Heel Tread J191 Socks

Heel Tread J191 Socks

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The 191 - originally called 911 - was the first car Jordan Grand Prix developed in 1991, a Cosworth-powered F1 from the rookie team lead by Eddie Jordan - the only Irish F1 programme ever. Eddie was not a conventional man and didn't go about getting things done in a conventional way. But, thanks to his unorthodox salesmanship he was able to enroll sponsors like 7UP and Fujifilm right from the start.

Of course naming anything car-related "911" will bring an army of Porsche lawyers to your doorstep - legend has it that Eddie only agreed to change the name to 191 after getting a free 911 Carrera out of the deal.

The 191 revelead itself an impressive piece of kit and was quite successful, especially for a first-year low-budget team, snatching several P4's and P5's from the big players during the season.

This was also the car in which Michael Schumacher made his stunning Spa debut - and was after that swiftly grabbed by Benetton - due to the untimely retirement of Jordan pilot Bernard Gachot. And by retirement we mean he served actual jail time that forced him to miss several Grand Prix's for a "disagreement" with a London cab driver - most likely the result of a heated discussion regarding advanced cutting off techniques.

“Alain Prost gave us the best compliment of all that year. One day he said the one car that was impressive to follow through a corner was the Jordan. The car was just glued to the track.”
- Mark Gallagher, Jordan's Marketing Director

80% Combed Cotton, 17% Polyamide, 3% Elastane.
We use seamless knitting to create a sock with no stitches.

Wash inside out (40ºC/100ºF max). Do not tumble dry, iron, bleach or dry clean.

Hand made in Portugal.